Penny’s Paper-Crafty Challenge #430

Penny’s Paper-Crafty Challenge #430

This week at Penny’s we are sponsored by Oddball Art, and I chose this Cute Curly-Sue Sheep with Button Eyes stamp to work with.

I knew from the start that I wanted to do something sweet and soft with this stamp, but that was as far as I planned. When it came time to make the card, I couldn’t even choose my papers before having a mini breakdown! My super creative mother tried to help give me ideas, but once I’m in panic mode NOTHING seems to make sense. Eventually I mumbled in a state of despair something like “What about a new baby card for my soon-to-arrive niece?”. Finally I had direction!

I decided on my papers and then went to work colouring. Of course, more drama ensued. After colouring the fuzz of the sheep, I then coloured the face. I reached for the colourless blender to smooth out the lines, and did a big sweep across the sheepy’s face. Catastrophe. I had actually grabbed the darkest grey I was using instead of the colourless blender. LOOK BEFORE YOU MARKER, FRIENDS. Alas, nothing could be done, and we used Copics White Paint to cover it. I figure “she’s a teddy – she can have an odd mark on her face”!

I then proceeded to spend a good 20 minutes trying to decide on the right pink blend of markers. I frustratedly gave up and used my mom’s favourite blend out of the gajillion that I tried. No surprise, she was right.

Finally, I went through my mom’s wonderful stash, which by the way is more exciting to sift through than going to a craft store because she’s so well stocked – pretty sure I almost drooled a little at the gloriousness. I found my embellishments and finally I was done! After all that drama, I think this card turned out super cute, and I’m happy with my colouring despite the mistake.

Materials Used:

If you would like to participate in our challenge this week for a chance to win some great prizes, head on over to Penny’s and we’d love to see your crafty creations!

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